Multidisciplinary visual artist Delsy Rubio was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, where she successfully completed her studies in Plastic Expression with a focus on Drawing and Painting and a specialization in Graphic Arts at the “Julio Árraga” School of Fine Arts (1979-1985). From an early age, her love for art led to a prolific career as a graphic designer, acting as Art Director in advertising campaigns, an experience that is reflected in her current work with a unique style. As the creator of the graphic image for the International Art and Antiques Fair of Maracaibo (2004-2011), she consolidated her passion for art and design.

In 2011, she began her artistic journey with a discourse of geometric, monochromatic, and minimalist abstraction. To develop her work, she explores the perfect geometry of nature and the relationship between humanity and the universe, utilizing different technologies, techniques, and materials such as wood painted with automotive acrylic and aluminum pigmented through molecular transfer at high temperatures. She creates sculptures that stand out under the light, with reflection effects that show the displacement of interrupted lines in space, connecting harmoniously.

Throughout her career, she has received numerous recognitions, including an Honorable Mention at the Chess in Art Salon at the Center of Fine Arts Ateneo of Maracaibo in Venezuela in 2014 and the Second Prize at the “Origins in Geometry” Biennial in Dallas, Texas, organized by the only Museum of Geometric and MADI Art in the USA, an award that gave her the opportunity to join the museum’s collection in 2019. In 2023, her work was recognized with the Honor of Merit in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

Delsy Rubio has participated in numerous exhibitions, both solo and group, in Venezuela, United States, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Peru. Her work can be found in private collections around the world and she has a permanent exhibition in Doral, Florida. She has been published by curator Despina Tumberg in the coffee table book “XI Contemporary Master,” and interviewed in various media such as Connections magazine and El Venezolano TV. Additionally, she has been featured in an article in Italy’s Arte Magazine titled “Delsy Rubio is the wind and the color” by Michela Turra.


By Edith Monge Silva

The mouth speaks of the richness of the heart, says the sacred text. This statement applies to all areas and, in particular, to art. There is no possible creation in its deepest sense, without the presence of the “animus” that rests in the artist’s mind.

In an increasingly refined language, Delsy Rubio explores the metaphor of man’s relationships with the universe, recreating the life cycles of the earth so closely linked to the cosmography of which we are part. The harmonious composition of curved and straight lines in her work also speaks to us of her own vital perception of his balance.

Delsy Rubio’s pieces are permeated with serenity and silence. All of them convey with delicate eloquence the close relationship with nature and their respect for an imaginary environment where excesses have no place.

Hers is a systematic work that has allowed her to explore from a very young age the richness of lines and colors, the simplicity of figures, minimalism, geometry and abstraction in an ordered universe, but at the same time flexible where volumes can generate the illusion of movement.

Hers is also the look accustomed to observing the play of light and shadow that is expressed, in her most recent works, through discontinuous reliefs and shapes that highlight the qualities of the materials used. It is this deliberate interruption in the relief that conveys the feeling that the levels are floating freely.

Faced with the aesthetic proposal of Delsy Rubio, the viewer manages to immerse himself as an interlocutor in the dialogue of his volumes and make the spaces they inhabit his own. It is therefore a fortunate encounter with art, a joint celebration between the public and the artist.