Group Exhibitions

Video: María Cristina Estévez.Museum of Geometric and MADI Art


“BOSQUE ENCANTADO” is a conceptual piece from the “Linked Spaces 2” series, conceived during the confinement of 2020 and the intense energy rationing in my beloved hometown Maracaibo, Venezuela. It was materialized in the United States in 2022, using the technique of transferring translucent pigments at high temperatures onto aluminum, with matte and mirror finishes, CNC cuts, and assembly. The artwork emerges from introspection that delves into the magic of creativity amidst adversity, serving as a metaphor questioning how we perceive the world in darkness.

It is an exploration of thoughts that illuminate the path, transforming darkness into a canvas. Closing the eyes prompts the question: How would a blind person experience it? In this scenario, everything turns into a moonless night, and barriers disappear. Visually representing an enchanted forest, with intertwined lines capturing the freedom of harmonious geometry and the peace emanating from a liberated mind. Symbolically, leaves swayed by the wind evoke the ability to find serenity in an unrestricted mind.

Conceived in Maracaibo and produced in the United States, this temporal and geographical duality adds depth, connecting personal experience with the global narrative of the exhibition “Human x Machine: Arts in the Age of Technology.” The artwork invites contemplation, celebrating creativity as a beacon. I hope this artwork resonates powerfully within you!

Delsy Rubio, Venezuelan Visual Artist.

December 02-15, 2023 | Christmas Closed | January 8 -27, 2024.


SUMARTE| |MIFA GALLERY | Miami Fl | USA | 2023

SUMARTE is a collective exhibition in which 120 visual artists have been selected to participate through the IDA-OPEN CALL, an initiative by the IDA (Interamerican Designers Association), a non-profit organization that promotes the integration of creatives from various origins in the Americas into the productive system of the United States.

For three weeks, from September 8 to September 27, 2023, the facilities of MIFA (Miami International Fine Arts) will be visited by hundreds of people who will take part in the multiple scheduled activities.

With the collective exhibition as the central focus, SUMARTE will showcase, through architecture conferences, meetings with writers and their publications, musicians and their compositions, gastronomic events, a fashion design exhibition, and a vehicle exhibition, all the potential that arrives from other countries to enrich development in the United States.

MIFA GALLERY: 5900 Northwest 74th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33166, United States.

BLOSSOM | Art Nouveau Gallery | Miami Fl | USA | 2023

Blossom arose from the idea of creating a dialogue between contemporary art and nature, expanding the channels and codes of flower culture. It is a kind of art genre, or rather an argument, that establishes an interface of relationship with nature, imposing its conditions as a living and ephemeral element. This contrasts with the intimate vision of the participating artists. In this experimental exhibition, the iconographic, ecological, historical, technological, and new language aspects that emerge from diverse approaches are explored. Undoubtedly, Blossom opens new paths and provides a timely metanarrative in these times of constant change.

This exhibition is a project resulting from the strategic alliance between Art Nouveau Gallery and Nones + Nones, taking place at the Artífice at Doral venue. The exhibition will be open for pre-booked visits during the months of June and July of the current year.

Five in Motion | 3rd Edition | Art Nouveau Gallery | Miami Fl | USA | 20 21

Five in Motion | Museum of Geométricas & MADI Art | Dallas Tx | USA | 2020

Delsy Rubio | Limited Editión | Juggling | Carnival Spring | Diimensions: 18.5” x 18.5” X  2.7” each |Technique: Acrylic Paint / wood |Year 2018

Spring Carnival is a unique artwork, a four-piece polyptych of variable installation. As a whole, it becomes an open design, so that it can be installed according to the viewer´s feelings, functioning as a cluster in search of new relationships and combinations. Presently, it is exhibited in the form of a triptych to represent the idea of absence, the importance of accepting that everything happens for a reason. Life is a cycle, everything ends where it begins. Each year, Spring reminds us: no matter how bright the sun shins, how many leaves fall or how cold we feel, in due course everything flourishes, even a country.

Complex Simplicity | Arte Collective | Desing Center Of The America DCOTA | Dania Beach Fl, USA | 2020

Five in motion | Art Nouveau Gallery | Miami Fl | USA | 2018

Annual collective exhibition | Art Nouveau Gallery. |Maracaibo | Venezuela | 2018

1987 Art Nouveau Gallery. |Maracaibo | Venezuela | 2017

Hispanic Heritage Doral Art Exhibit | Doral Goverment Center | Doral Fl, USA | 2017

Delsy Rubio | Flamingos | Dimensios: 25" x 25". Technique Acrylic / Mdf | Year 2014

5th Imaginary Edition 2016 | In the forest of joy.

Delsy Rubio | Opposite Attracted |Year 2017

Baseball flavored Art