Arts Calls

Art Center Sarasota | Miami | 2023

Merit Award for “SUNSHINE” by Venezuelan Artist Delsy Rubio at the Juried Exhibition: An Abstract View.

Jury: Tre Michel, Co-Owner of State of the Arts Gallery, Sarasota.

“SUNSHINE” is an abstract inspiration about the radiant sun of the state of Florida, very similar to that of Rubio’s homeland, Maracaibo, better known as ‘the beloved land of the sun’. and was made in sublimated aluminum.

This show encompasses all forms of non-representational art, ranging from abstract expressionism to cubism and minimalism.

Exhibition dates: August 24 to September 30, 2023. 
707 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236.


This call is a cultural project that refers to the Past, Present and Future developed during the confinement that caused the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, an initiative of the artist Ricardo Benaín in conjunction with the writer Daniela Díaz Larralde and the journalist Leo Hernández founder. of ANDARTE cultural diffusion platform, which carried out the artistic diffusion of a community of 140 artists, 16 countries, 6 months of virtual exhibition, 4 training events and a face-to-face exhibition at the Espai 30 Sociocultural Center – Ateneu Sagrerenc in the city from Barcelona, ​​Spain. This started the creation of my proposal Linked Spaces.

Por aquí pasó un mosquito

By Delsy Rubio

I am working and I hear the buzz of a mosquito, I try to concentrate while insisting on blowing up my space, I observe what I am doing, I reflect and I say to myself: these lines are like the path of an invading mosquito trying to obtain its food, which Wonderful is the geometry that allows me to capture a route. My BEFORE was full of projects already to begin its development stage when suddenly 2020 came unexpectedly to surprise us to stop our walk … I pause and accept that some things will not be for now, that everything happens for a reason and I continue to learn while I take care of the present, some projects continue their journey and others are coming to materialize them when it is in the moment, everything has its perfect moment; my DURING has been a walk of ideas fluttering in my head like this mosquito, this is how ideas come to me, a buzz that I am shaping while my mind calms down, calm … calm has been decisive to focus on what What am I doing with my present? I live what is coming with gratitude in the best way that I know and I continue to create. It is a historical moment and in me now I am building an AFTER.

Between years 2014 – 2019 before the arrival of Covid-19, my city Maracaibo was affected (among other things) by the presence like chikunguya, dengue and malaria diseases that are transmitted by the mosquito and were considered eradicated; the child population was the most affected, many died… This work is a tribute to them.

Por aquí pasó un mosquito | 63 x 29,7 cms | 2020 – 2021

Confined Bodies

Curatorships of Elsy Zavarce, Neydalid Molero and María Verónica Machado. Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia – MACZUL

His call that brought together artists from different parts of the world, shows projects made with the tools and materials available at home, during the quarantine April and May 2020.

This proposal is based on creativity in the absence of electricity and the coexistence of four people within four walls, it was developed slowly in hours of electricity rationing between April and May (by then 8 hours a day and 36 continuous hours that came after the first downpour of the rainy season) that led me to use the telephone as a tool to photograph 20 designs made up of six basic elements, two main elements of the theme and others that were added as a complement, to create:

  • Felipe and Sylvania’s visit • Finding an answer • Hands on work • Reading time • Neighbors • Outside or inside? • Tidying up the house • Confusion • What do we do now? • Creating • Insomnia • Hugs • Conversations • Agreements • I have an idea • Charades • Confessions • Pizza Fridays • Reflections • Gratitude
Insomnio | 2020
Reflexiones | 2020
Confusión | 2020
Afuera o Adentro | 2020
Hora de Lectura | 2020
Creando | 2020
¿Que hacemos ahora? | 2020
Gratitud | 2020
Felipe y Silvania | 2020
By Delsy Rubio & María de Los Angeles Rubio

Beyond the confusion, it is a time to be aware and appropriate the present that we had to live. It is acceptance of what the now has become: being homebound. Four people between four walls in a scared environment, coping with the situation in the best possible way. We have chosen to let chaos happen around us, but never inside, never towards us. In other words, the environment cannot be changed, our way of seeing the world can.
Here I am, among stars of flesh and blood that radiate their light even when it is dark. What once seemed an impediment, becomes a field of infinite possibilities, ways to take advantage of the reduced space in which limitations become art. Creativity is the key to adapt to this historical moment. They say that the best ideas have emerged in times of crisis, and this is proven by each creator who builds his head inside and materializes his projects, windows of today. Creation comes from the nucleus of each being, little gods, who find within themselves a space made of energy and pieces of the universe. People, passions and experiences are the muses that guide my hand. This is the reflection of my present from 20 different angles.
There are few hours of electricity in this place. In the waiting time we have to create ideas over low heat, while the hours pass from the kitchen to the living room, and then with haste to execute … Oops! The light blinked again, the creative spark pausing. Perhaps the ideas are undercooked, it is time to prepare the food while we continue thinking. I find objects, six pieces of wood and a couple of visitors to continue creating. I have fun moving the pieces and 20 geometric proposals emerge inspired by our experiences. In this moment of confusion and our bodies being confined, visits are reckless, not that of Felipe and Sylvania.