Human x Machina Exhibition, MIFA Gallery

December 02 – 15, 2023 | Christmas Closed | January 8 – 27, 2024. Mon to Fri 11 am – 4 pm


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Delsy Rubio BOSQUE ENCANTADO Sublimated Aluminum Square installation: 23"X32"X2,7" Diamond installation: 32"X32"X2,7


“BOSQUE ENCANTADO” is a conceptual piece from the “Linked Spaces 2” series, conceived during the confinement of 2020 and the intense energy rationing in my beloved hometown Maracaibo, Venezuela. It was materialized in the United States in 2022, using the technique of transferring translucent pigments at high temperatures onto aluminum, with matte and mirror finishes, CNC cuts, and assembly. The artwork emerges from introspection that delves into the magic of creativity amidst adversity, serving as a metaphor questioning how we perceive the world in darkness.

It is an exploration of thoughts that illuminate the path, transforming darkness into a canvas. Closing the eyes prompts the question: How would a blind person experience it? In this scenario, everything turns into a moonless night, and barriers disappear. Visually representing an enchanted forest, with intertwined lines capturing the freedom of harmonious geometry and the peace emanating from a liberated mind. Symbolically, leaves swayed by the wind evoke the ability to find serenity in an unrestricted mind.

Conceived in Maracaibo and produced in the United States, this temporal and geographical duality adds depth, connecting personal experience with the global narrative of the exhibition “Human x Machine: Arts in the Age of Technology.” The artwork invites contemplation, celebrating creativity as a beacon. I hope this artwork resonates powerfully within you!

Delsy Rubio, Venezuelan Visual Artist.