“My artistic proposal in the context of geometric abstraction is monochromatic and minimalist, focused on the study of volumes, reliefs, and multi-level forms, as well as the displacement of interrupted lines. These forms emerge using the circle as a base figure, extending beyond the created space to then imaginatively complete themselves upon reencounter.

The creative process begins in close connection with nature, allowing me to harmonize my mind to enrich my geometric perception and refine my ideas. I find inspiration in intangible themes, exploring the perfect geometry of my surroundings. To develop my work, I use various technologies, techniques, and assembly methods. For wood finishes, I use automotive acrylic paint, while the aluminum is pigmented by molecular transfer at high temperatures. I also explore the pure use of materials to highlight their attributes through form.

My installations are versatile and dynamic, transforming each piece into an open and adaptable design that responds to individual perception. Each installation seeks new relationships and interactions, inviting the viewer to discover their own dialogue with the space. This approach not only creates a visual experience but also fosters a unique personal and emotional interaction, enriching any exhibition space. What I seek with my work is for the viewer to go beyond the visual, to feel and experience it, establishing an intimate and reflective connection with the art.”