Before | During | After

A mosquito passed by here

I am working and I hear the buzz of a mosquito, I try to concentrate while insisting on blowing up my space, I observe what I am doing, I reflect and I say to myself: these lines are like the path of an invading mosquito trying to obtain its food, which Wonderful is the geometry that allows me to capture a route. My BEFORE was full of projects already to begin its development stage when suddenly 2020 came unexpectedly to surprise us to stop our walk … I pause and accept that some things will not be for now, that everything happens for a reason and I continue to learn while I take care of the present, some projects continue their journey and others are coming to materialize them when it is in the moment, everything has its perfect moment; my DURING has been a walk of ideas fluttering in my head like this mosquito, this is how ideas come to me, a buzz that I am shaping while my mind calms down, calm … calm has been decisive to focus on what What am I doing with my present? I live what is coming with gratitude in the best way that I know and I continue to create. It is a historical moment and in me now I am building an AFTER.