Confined Bodies

Curatorships of Elsy Zavarce, Neydalid Molero and María Verónica Machado. Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia – MACZUL

His call that brought together artists from different parts of the world, shows projects made with the tools and materials available at home, during the quarantine April and May 2020.


This proposal is based on creativity in the absence of electricity and the coexistence of four people within four walls, it was developed slowly in hours of electricity rationing between April and May (by then 8 hours a day and 36 continuous hours that came after the first downpour of the rainy season) that led me to use the telephone as a tool to photograph 20 designs made up of six basic elements, two main elements of the theme and others that were added as a complement, to create:

  • Felipe and Sylvania’s visit • Finding an answer • Hands on work • Reading time • Neighbors • Outside or inside? • Tidying up the house • Confusion • What do we do now? • Creating • Insomnia • Hugs • Conversations • Agreements • I have an idea • Charades • Confessions • Pizza Fridays • Reflections • Gratitude
Insomnio | 2020
Reflexiones | 2020
Confusión | 2020
Afuera o Adentro | 2020
Hora de Lectura | 2020
Creando | 2020
Que hacemos ahora | 2020
Gratitud | 2020
Felipe y Silvania | 2020